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in a little more than a Fortnite…

Last night my son boasted about getting a "360 no scope" head shot. I got really worried until I realized he was talking about the immensely popular Fortnite.

Winning at Fortnite takes a lot of practice, as well as possessing skills such as:

  • hopping and ducking while opponent is trying to shoot you
  • precise aim
  • building skills
  • getting the golden chest that has the sniper rifle
  • storm awareness

All skills that I sorely lack.

Winning at wrestling on your feet takes skills such as:

  • changing levels and defending while the opponent is trying to shoot on you
  • precise angles
  • a sure-fire short offense series that scores immediately
  • a whistle-to-fall plan of attack that keeps your opponent on the defense and you on the offense
  • an attacking mindset where every position leads to a score for you
  • attacking multiple ways from one set position (much like an NFL offense employs multiple plays from the same formation)
  • a system of setups that forces your opponent to do move where you want him to, and when
  • sure-fire finishes – know exactly where to go – and go there instinctively
  • the ability to quickly fix any defect in your game – and keep it fixed

In a little over a fortnite, a lucky group of dedicated athletes will be discovering the keys to sniping their opponents on the feet with can’t miss shots.

fill your takedown bag with ammo now


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