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Shred your opposition like Banksy

Street artist/political activist/vandal and affirmed recluse Banksy one-upped the entire art world recently.

Minutes after his grossly overvalued painting, Balloon Girl, was sold at Sotheby's for $1.4 million...

it shredded itself.

Banksy had installed a shredder inside the frame, and via remote control, had it turned on right after the gavel dropped.

Just as Banksy shredded his own painting (wait for it…)

You can put your opponents through the shredder this year.

In just a few weeks, you can:

this one’s for the High School / Junior High:

  • dominate your opponent on the mat by shredding his escape attempts immediately
  • easily turn even the stingiest opponents with the most reliable tough guy turns
  • the undisputed #1 leg riding counter so effective, you’ll be begging for them to throw the boots
  • On bottom, rip your opponent’s attacks to shreds
  • go here to shred your opponent from the mat


PS. Be the Banksy, or get Banksy’ed – up to you.