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Training for Success: a three step guide

You can learn the best shot in the world…

the slickest trick…the fanciest “designer-move” that all the collegians are raving about…

And it won’t make a bit of difference.

Here’s why:

Your success will have a lot more to do with your ability/willingness to train for success than any one move.  

Here’s your three step guide:

  • Position
  • Precision
  • Pace

I preach this – no – I insist on this – every single practice.

Every time you hear READY:  Get in your stance.  Throughout drilling, throughout penetration steps, throughout just about everything – STAY in your stance.

Be on the details…EVERY Rep.  If you cut it short, you are cheating yourself.  
Step precisely.
Grab the leg precisely.
Turn the corner precisely.
Finish precisely.

Drill as quickly as possible, while still doing it right. 
Partner:  he should never have to wait for you!

Training for success is how athletes make giant leaps in the room, and fast.

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