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What’s REALLY wrong with the buckeyes

If you follow college football, you can’t help but notice how Ohio State has struggled this season.

A lot of factors play into it but here’s the biggest one:

Their coach was (forcibly) absent during the most crucial time – the 3 weeks leading up to the season.

It would be paramount to your coach missing the first 3 weeks of your practice.

A lot of folks would say, “its only the beginning of the season”, thereby missing the most critical problem.

The first few weeks are the most important weeks of the entire season.  Its where good coaches implement their system, including key movements and skills that are critical to the success of their athletes.

And if you don’t implement them early in the season, wrestlers will never have them when they need them at tournament time.

 By the time you get to January and February – its too late!

That’s why right now is the most critical time for you – you are either going to grab what you need, or stumble and fumble around all season long trying to play catch-up.

I always see athletes attempt to do just that – start midway through –  and if you’re thinking about taking that approach, I suggest you reconsider.

You don’t want to be into mid-season trying to figure out how to

  • Execute our high level single leg
  • Counter leg riders
  • Score multiple ways from top position
  • Score from the front headlock, as well as other ways when the opponent shoots
  • A host of skills implemented and re-enforced in November and December so you are ready to win with it in January and February.

Because space is limited, and some of our groups only have a few spots remaining….

Now’s the time to snag your spot before someone else takes it