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What a wrestler can learn from a Sheep Dog


I read an article lately about sheep dogs (ours is a Border Collie), and what researchers have learned recently about how they go about herding.

Its not quite what most people would think.

If you ask most people, "How does a Border Collie (or any sheep dog) go about herding animals, you'd get answers like, "they chase after them" or "they bite their ankles" - missing the biggest part of it.

The truth is, border collies follow a simple process. In that process, they do the following:

1. Bind the sheep together.  Get them as close together as possible.
2. Move them where they are supposed to go.
3. If, at any time, a sheep gets loose, or the herd starts to spread out – back to step one.

This brings me back to my original question:  What can a wrestler learn from a border collie?

One word sums it up:  Process.

Just as a sheepdog follows a simple process, a winning wrestler does the same thing.

In our system, the process is simple:
1. Position yourself so you can’t be attacked.
2. Pressure and break the opponent’s position.
3. Attack and score.

Our wrestlers are taught precisely how to apply each step of the process which leads to winning matches.

Athletes that don’t have a process, or a system, don’t know what their next step is going to be.  Therefore they tend to wait for the opponent to set the pace.  Not the best plan for success.

Athletes could learn their best path to success by studying the border collie.

How to advance your wrestling skills as fast as humanly possible this wrestling season.

Human Nature compels us to always look for a short cut. We are programmed to search for the fastest way to get better with the least amount of work.

Many times in wresting, that means going around to different places trying to find the latest, greatest move or technique…searching for better opponents or more opportunities to wrestle.

The truth?

There is no magic bullet.

But there is a proven path to greater skill advancement – faster than you can imagine. Many athletes have made huge leaps in skill from using this simple approach.

Just to be clear:

  • It will take some thought on your part.
  • It will take some work on your part.
  • It will take some commitment too.

But if you take this simple tool and use it, your skill level as a wrestler should look like this:

This free tool will show you the path to a more successful season starting with your first match. But don’t wait…one of your opponents is probably grabbing it right now.