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the unmatched power of F.O.C.U.S.

First time I heard this meme, it stuck like peanut butter to the roof of a dog’s mouth.

And it also fit what I do here to a tee.

This is Step one

My client had determined that this was the ideal path for his son to follow, in order to maximize his potential and experience the most success possible in this sport.

His success included:

  • 4 trips to high school state
  • 3 trips to the podium
  • Ohio national team 5 years running
  • Elevating his level to the top rungs of athletes in the nation
  • Many more accolades than I can remember off the top of my head

If you only knew of his modest beginnings.

He started with me as a junior high farm boy still figuring out what a single leg was, let alone  having any clue about how to set up his opponent for an attack.

This boy started training with me very early in his wrestling career.

Once his dad saw the transformation (in just one personal training session)…

He made up his mind to F.O.C.U.S.

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful

In this era, where the temptation is to jump around to the next shiny training object, this young man understood the power of staying Focused on one winning system of wrestling.

The result was him to accelerating his skills rapidly in a powerful system.

Hence, when he hit the mats, he had complete understanding of how to put his opponent on defense immediately, and keep them there.

It was like wrestling on autopilot.

  • No guessing what to do when the opponent threw legs
  • No digging through the depths of his mind, trying to pull out a counter to the head tie
  • No wondering what to do in ANY situation.
  • Zero Analysis Paralysis
  • Instinctively attacking and reacting

The Power of F.O.C.U.S. means you are READY Completely when the whistle blows.

To start your journey (or continue it if you are here now), go here and join me right before the season starts.

The Randy-lorian

A loyal client recently shared this: 

“Many of the kids on our team have tried a variety of advanced training options…but they’re really not getting anywhere with their wrestling.  I recommend you because there is consistency to training in your system.”

Not only is this the Way of my Attack System Wrestling training…

It is also The Way to snag more success quickly.

Example in point:  Recently a wrestler trained to beat leg rides with my leg countering system. 
A few days later he was back in the room, sharpening his skill on those critical techniques while also expanding his knowledge base.

Fast forward a few more days and…you guessed it – this dedicated athletes was back for more and we re-enforced those critical skills once again.

As a result, he’s now able to react decisively and immediately to leg ride attempts (and when it comes to leg ride counters, along with a slew of other critical positions, there IS NO time to think.  You have less than a split second to react and win the position, or suffer the painful consequences).

This IS the way to more confidence, more success and more wins in the sport of wrestling.

It is also the Opposite of the usual, show and tell mentality on display most of the time, where the emphasis is on a different flashy move each time.

Those flashy moves…

  • Look good on the Fakebook and the tweeter
  • Won’t get you more wins
  • Even the good techniques, the ones based in superior positioning and core skills that can net your more success, aren’t going to work for you without the consistency of internalizing that technique.


This fall’s training camps are specifically designed with you in mind….

specifically, pointing a laser at your biggest flaws so we can create a roadmap to your quickest path to success.

It IS a different format than you’ll see anywhere else.


Go here for all the juicy details


Grandma got run over by a Wrestler

I was reminded recently of this meme:
Only a comma separates “Let’s go eat, Grandma” from “Let’s go eat Grandma”.

See how important the finer details are?

Grandma surely does.

Similarly in wrestling, one tiny missed detail can mean the difference between celebrating your trip to state, or missing out on the big show.

Such is the focus of many sessions in Attack Club East, Central Ohio’s longest running club.

One finer detail that most miss (which is probably going to be front and center on Day One of Attack Club East,, which is Sunday September 26):    

Scoring the easiest takedown in wrestling…namely, the go behind off your opponent’s shot.

And the finer detail (actually there are two of them) that most wrestlers miss, costs a ton of takedowns every season.

If you’ve ever attempted to spin behind and ended up getting taken down, you know of what I speak.

You can join us for ACE by signing up here


PS:  Special thanks to my friend Tiffany for the graphic.

How a simple off the radar farm boy brought the nations top wrestler to tears

Here's what happened when we took a farm boy off the farm and threw him onto the national stage…

This farm boy in my room – we’ll call him “A” to protect the guilty – started out as a raw, green kid who lacked even a sniff about how to execute a great single.  He rapidly progressed to a competitive level.  

Still unknown on the national scene, he was ready to make his mark.

He drew the #1 ranked wrestler in the nation at the Central Regionals.

This dynamic athlete with a rich resume full of high accolades and accomplishments, was mowing them down left and right….  Completely dominating A’s weight class.

While I was coaching another wrestler in my club, A sidled up to me and said, “My match is coming up.  Got any advice?”

I had taken a brief look at video of the stud’s match and had planned a deep analysis before we faced him.

So I responded:  Just off the top of my head, this is what I’d do – and I blueprinted our strategy.

Well, the detailed video analysis never happened.

Moments after our conversation, A was called to the mat to wrestle The Match.

As he was taking the mat, I reiterated our blueprint for the match.

Out to the center he went…

shook hands and the battle began!

“A” followed the blueprint to near perfection.  Went right after this monstrous adversary, got in his face and executed the plan!

The result was a barnburner of a match decided in the closing seconds – a match so fierce, so intense, that this stud wrestler was still shaking and sobbing a full hour after the match.

A year later, that same stud handily won the US Nationals in Fargo.

The centerpiece of our blueprint is a core skill we teach, and wrestlers internalize, every spring.

It has shifted many a lopsided match and flipped the odds in many a lesser athlete’s favor through my 30+ years of training wrestlers.

A quick warning:  it isn’t enough to know what the technique is.  Without the directed training to internalize it, its just another move, and it won’t move your needle one inch.

In fact, unless you know exactly how to execute it, and are willing to put the effort into making it second nature, you might as well not even know the move exists.

During spring club, we never show anything just once.

We never drill anything just once.

If its important enough to show, then its important enough to learn, internalize and develop to Phase 5 (match level proficiency).

That eliminates all clinic moves.

There are none shown in spring training – or in summer camps.

I have designed my entire attack system to win from the core positions that wrestlers end up in most often – relentlessly breaking the opponents' position and attacking them constantly.

Just like A did to the future National Champ.

There is a tendency in most training programs to engage in a “show and tell” format (especially in spring because there are so many flashy moves in freestyle and greco wrestling), then, next session, move on to the next shiny object.

I refuse to run any of my trainings this way,.

If I had, A would never have been able to utilize his skills to lock down one of the nation’s most dynamic wrestlers and leave him shaken and sobbing.

This IS the WAY you beat top level wrestlers.

go here to join us this spring and beyond


Should you attack an opponent’s injury?

Way back in high school, aka the dark ages, I remember facing an opponent who had his shoulder bandaged up, and people told me:  

Attack his injured side!

Personally, ethical or not, I’ve never really seen the advantage of doing so.  

 Fast forward to college, and I’m wrestling in the All-American round. 

 The opponent was – you guessed it.  A wrestler who was similarly all bandaged up.

This was the biggest match of my career….

and the thought of attacking his injury never crossed my mind.

By then, I was so deep into imposing my systematic will over my opponent..

  • Regardless of record…
  • regardless of seed.  Regardless of rank….
  • regardless of physical advantages, or in his case, disadvantages

that I wasn’t about to alter my highly successful, attacking system of wrestling, for any reason.   

My system, the same one I train athletes to embrace to this day, was already propelling me to all-new heights – forcing every opponent onto defense and effectively keeping them there…resulting in me imposing my will with relative ease.   

I applied that same system in the All-American match, and the 3 subsequent matches after that – winning each of them and snagging my 3rd place spot on the podium.

While there are advantages to knowing your opponents strengths and weaknesses… 

there are MORE advantages to internalizing your OWN strengths and IMPOSING your will on every opponent you face off with.

Spring is around the corner – hop onto the brand new Priority List now to get the most out of your training.


The best Valentines gift a wrestling mom can get

This is a personal message to all the wrestlers out there….

Do you really think your mom wants flowers and candy this Valentines?  Then you haven’t been paying attention.  

Have you noticed, young wrestler, that:

  • She frets when you can’t eat because you are overweight?
  • Faithfully attends every match?
  • Gets so nervous before you wrestle that she nearly throws up?
  • Hangs on every minute of every match while you put her through horrible suspense and fear?
  • Worries when your shoulder gets torqued out of place by a mean opponent (and sometimes offers to storm the mat and kick his butt for you)?
  • Is drenched in sweat throughout your match?
  • And drenched in tears when you lose?

Your mom sacrifices so much during a wrestling season – all because of you.

And after all that…

Do you really think she just wants some candy and flowers?

If that’s what you think, you haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s what she really wants…

  • You don’t starve yourself to make weight.
  • You win more matches with more ease
  • You shut down those leg riders immediately (and preserve your shoulder as a result)
  • You start surpassing rivals

Right now, through this Saturday, I am offering a special 3 week blast to address the above, and give your mom exactly what she really wants for Valentines Day.

Look for the link in the email (or join the list to get the link).

A clarification comes flying in

Well I stirred up a hornets nest.

Within minutes of posting my recent blog, I received a tweet and an email from Keith Carter, the fine USA Wrestling Coaches Council director.

“This is simply not true.  Team selection process hasn’t been finalized.”

The meeting notes that I referenced are unclear.  This was the source of my article and here’s what they say:

2021 Fargo team selection – each state will decide on which athletes to send to Fargo (6 athletes/ weight class).  Regionals will change.  No wrestler will automatically qualify for Fargo for 2021.

I understand that Keith and members of USA Wrestling-Ohio are working on updating the minutes now to clarify things.


PS  In a perfect world, every spot on the national team would be earned through the State and the Regionals with no wildcards and no petitions.  Of course, our world is far from perfect.